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Privacy Policy

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Your privacy is something that Orions Jewel (including Orions Jewel, Inc., its subsidiaries, and affiliates) values highly. Every decision we make is based on the needs of our clients, and we go above and beyond to make sure you have a positive Orion Jewels experience that you'll want to repeat and tell all your friends about. Respecting and protecting the privacy of the personal information you entrust to us is a part of our commitment to you. The information provided here is intended to inform you about the data we gather, why we gather it, how we use it, and the options we provide, including how to access and amend data. The terms "Site" and "Services" relate to the Orions Jewels website, mobile applications, and other software, respectively. The terms "Site" and "Services" also refer to the Orions Jewels customer support phone number and other shopping or product services that the company provides.

This privacy statement will be updated from time to time by Orions Jewel. We will update the "last updated" date on this page if a revision is made. Additional privacy policies that we disclose in conjunction with those opportunities may apply when we make additional features, functionality, offers, activities, or events accessible to you.

In this policy, "personal information" refers to any data that identifies or relates to a specific person who uses our Services or otherwise registers to be a customer of Orions Jewel.



When you use our Services or visit our website, you have the option to select when to give us your personal information. You should be aware that any personal information you provide to us will be received by us and may be stored (whether written or oral). Additionally, we might get certain information about you automatically. Based on your interactions with our site and services, we may gather, use, and disclose the following categories of information about you (except as prohibited by law):

  • When You Visit Our Website

  • When You Utilize Services on Our Site

  • Whenever You Purchase from Us

  • When You Get in Touch with Our Diamond and Jewelry Advisors Through Phone, Email, Chat, or in Person

  • Whenever you evaluate a product

  • Whenever You Contact Us on Social Media

  • When You Schedule a Visit to One of Our Showrooms

When You Visit Our Website

Types of Information We Might Gather

  • Device and browser information obtained through cookies and other tracking technologies

  • Insights gleaned from web server records

  • General geographic data

How We Might Use the Information Obtained

  • To maintain the site's core functionalities

  • To enhance the effectiveness of the website

  • To identify security concerns and stop fraud

  • To provide you with customized content and advertising, whether it be on our website, another website, a mobile device or application, or through another channel (whether online or offline)

  • To comprehend our customers' behavior, tastes, and demographics

  • To enhance marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as the entire client experience

With whom We Might Share Your Data

  • Service providers for site optimization

  • Providers of site security services

  • Service providers of marketing channels

Effects of Failing to Provide Data

  • The Site might not function properly.

  • Your product purchase action will be paused

  • You might not get Reminiscence Jewels marketing and advertising information

When You Utilize Services on Our Site

Types of Information We Might Gather

  • Cookies are used to collect information.

  • Your shopping history for products

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